Stay Smart! Stay Organized! Stay Cool With Stylish Wardrobes!

Wardrobes are magicians who hide our stuff but make it reappear at the right time. They are our modern day smart assistants who host all our clothes and accessories and aid us in dressing stunningly. Browsing websites like help us choose the best wardrobes for our home. These websites offer us with a plenty of choices and even help us book a free measure in order to customize our wardrobes. The wardrobes, when combined with trendy interiors, make our home look out of the world. Some websites like are the best source when it comes to interior designing. Home is always the best place on earth. Why not start designing our homes to make it look at its best?

Matters To Be Considered Before Choosing A Wardrobe

The wardrobe is a huge one-time investment. So, it is better to check for the following before selecting a wardrobe and save ourselves from regretting later.

Let us measure our room space first so that we can decide on what models to be chosen. Irrespective of the room space, wardrobes could be built for any space smartly, but huge space will give us the liberty of setting up more extensive wardrobes.

Secondly, clearance space around the area marked for wardrobes should be considered. This will help us decide whether the doors should be of a sliding type or opening type.

Finally, whether to go for a corner wardrobe or a full-fledged, one should be decided which depends on the room size.A small room may demand a corner wardrobe whereas a large room provides us with multiple options.

Types Of Wardrobes

Here, let us look into the basic options available when it comes to wardrobes. Just like every coin has two sides, every choice here is listed with its advantages and disadvantages.

Fully-fitted wardrobe- Worried about uneven walls? No problem. Fully-fitted wardrobes are the solution. These wardrobes can fit on to walls of different angles by customizing it to your needs. The negative aspect of these wardrobes is the cost. Fully-fitted wardrobes are expensive.

Free-standing wardrobe- These wardrobes can be moved more easily as they are not fitted to the walls permanently. They can be re-designed. It gives us the freedom to take these wardrobes with us to our new home. On the other side, they occupy extra space in the rooms and may not be a good option for smaller rooms.

Sliding-door wardrobe- Room size doesn’t matter when it comes to sliding-door wardrobes as it fits in any smaller rooms. The clearance space also doesn’t matter as we need not open the door fully instead we just slide it.  These wardrobes are more modern and trendy and even come with mirrors on the front. The disadvantage is that we cannot get a glance of all the items in the wardrobes at once.

Wardrobe with storage drawers- Shopping is an untiring hobby. If you are overloaded with lots of accessories, ties, underwear or bed sheets that you need to store in your bedroom, and then the best choice is to install storage drawers in the wardrobes. They come in various sizes and can be customized according to our needs. The disadvantage is that if there are too many storage drawers, it looks clumsy and confusing.

These are the different types of wardrobes which can make your life easier and stress-free.