Which Tie Goes Well With A Blue Shirt

To get a stylish, yet formal look, you need to match your tie appropriately with the shirt you are planning to wear. An Ill matched tie ruins the entire appearance, however, smart your shirt, and the rest of your attire is. People notice your tie and how well it goes with the shirt. The best shirt and tie combinations are always appreciated in any gathering. Let’s try to see how you can become an expert in this matter.

Matching the tie and shirt depends on

  •  The occasion you are dressing up for
  •  The hour of the day
  •  The color combination that suits your skin
  •  The pattern that you choose
  •  Your personal tastes and preferences.


How to choose the best color combination

All of you must have seen the color wheel at some point in time. If you were into Arts, then it would have been a regular picture you saw daily. The color wheel is the best option to help you choose combinations. It is also the easiest as all you have to do is choose two colors that lay opposite to each other. These combinations will be the best pairing ones.

The blue shirt

Blue in various shades has become an all time favorite for formal occasions. It probably is chosen the most, though white still is an all time favorite. For darker shades of blue, always go for a tie which is a lighter shade. For a light shade of blue, choose a darker tie. That’s as simple as it goes. Check your color wheel; get the colors opposite to the blue shades. Then depending on the intensity of the blue on your shirt, get an appropriate shade of the chosen tie color.

So next time you are up for a meeting or interview, impress the board members with a great color combination.